The heart vibrates with happiness when people adopt their dogs.

Dogs are one of the animals that can live with people most friendly.

Adopting a dog will be a wonderfull and emotional moment in your life. The first time you touch his cold wet nose, kick the leg together and he jumps on your thigh excitingly. They will always be special thing in your memory.

As a destiny in life, Every dog can indentify his great owner ai the first sight whom they will live together, love and be loyal in all his life.

Below are some emotional or humorous moment when the dogs meet their owner in the first time. The dogs seem to be born to be the most lovely small friend of human in the world

I go home with my new girlfriend and  i think we will be fine

Let’ see Luna, our peace

The exciting moment of family when they adpot the dog

Love in the first sight, i think this dog has my gene. We have the same style of hair.

Marley met his great owner

The daughter of my friend and her Valentine gift.

The firt time i met my Bog, the curly yellow hair dog

My center holds an annual adopting-dog day in a zoo. I am happy all day when i see this woman love her dog alot.

These are really great and emotional moment that can make the heart melt.Are you waiting for a small beautiful dog like that???

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