Hair Losing on dogs and cats

Most dogs losing hair when you use brush for them. But a dog loses hair in massive amounts and have other signals on their skin. You need to find out the causes and what to do.

Here are some causes that make your dogs losing hair to much:
1. It’s normal for dogs to shed. They shed to have more new think hair and prepare to mate

2. If there are parasitic lices on their body. This is the reason of losing hair. Cause the lices bring alot other lices into the dog’s blood. That makes them discomfort itchy so the dogs scratch and pus then be dermatitis. If that takes a long time, disease will be more difficult to cure.The more the dogs scratch, the more easily the lices penetrate. Then the dogd get the “bloody parasites” disease. They become sick, gingivitis, anemia, sometimes flowing bloody nose and dead. The effective treatment for dermatitis is the removal of the lice by the small Advocate or Frontline Spray spray and Vime Frontdog.

3. Mange: This is also the reason makes your dogs lose hair alot. When they are manged, they lose hair all the body. The skin is scaly, drainaged and fever. In this situation, you need to.bring your dogs to Vet to be treated and cared.

4. Fungal disease:This is similar to Mange. Dogs will have scarbs on the hair but not drain, scratch. You need to use some right soap: Nizoral, BiO Derma (most effective).
You need to observe carefully before you get the appropriate treatment .

5. More salty foods. Man can eat salty but dogs absolutely can not. Dog food is very light, low in salt and especially not including spicy seasoning, seasoning powder, chili garlic and onions. Because dogs do not have sweat glands to “release” as humans. When the dog is eating salty, it will rash on the body, itching and scratching leading to hair loss.

Original salt from ocean and typical spoon used for salt.

6. Another cause is that the dog is too clean. Do you feel like a paradox? But the bath is too much or the bath is not clean, the dog’s hair will dry out, be weak and lose. The dogs that play outside alot, it is possible to take a bath once a week, while clean dogs don’t need.

7. Due to the habitat of the dog. It is possible that the dog’s habitat is not airy but damp , causing many parasitic lices can grow.The solution is to clean the cage of dog.

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However, if you have eliminated lice, dogs do not suffer from skin disease and still shed much hair, you need to consult with a vet
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