9 ways to make your dogs busy and happy

Almost dogs have fun with their owners. If we don’t spend time or give them something to do, they will do something instinctively to feel less boring such as chewing shoes, curtains or sofa. Nobody wants that. So spending time to play with them will help to decrease these bad habits and develope their other skill.



Here , Pet store for dog will tell you 9 exciting ways to make your dog busy and entertained effectively:
1. Train them how to clean up their toys
It sounds confusing to teach dogs how to clean up their toys but that is really interesting.
If your dog has a himself toy box, train him to pick up and put toys into box.Then praise them alot and do not forget to repeat that many times. Learning more new skills will stimulate their mind and make them more confident, cheerful, active.



2. Train them to do housework.
Have you seen some clips of other dogs on the internet and get tired with your dogs. Don’t think they are useless and lazy. Just cause you don’t spend time teaching them.
Actually, Dogs love to have something to do and be praised by owners. Don’t forget to praise and reward after the job are done.
3. Training with Clicker
With this item, you can accurately mark time when your dogs do the right thing. The dogs will remember this better and help you train dogs easier.



4. Play ” Which hand” with them
It is simple and familiar. You hold the food in your hand then encourage them to find which hand has the food.The reward is the food.



5. Play ” Shell game”
People who play ” Talking Tom Cat” will familiar game ” selecting the glass that hides object”. Similarly, you get 2-3 glass, put the food inside, shuffle and ask them choise. Don’t forget to increase the speed of moving . That will stimulate and train their ability of handling the problem.



6. Teach them to keep their leashes themselves.
Before take them to walk, while you are busy preparing others,your dogs are so excited to moan, jump or have other crazy action. Ask them to do some simple thing busily and you are free to do others.



7.Traing them to do everything in your control.
Like children, Dog must be trained that they can’t have everything immediately. You should be patient to train them wait until your demand such as sitting down when they are feeded.



8. Teach them how to turn on/off the light.
It is really good when you are lazy. Your dogs can help you turn on the light when you want or turn off the light when you want to sleep. You can start this by using Laze light.



9. Hug them and relaxe
After a tied and busy day, we all need time to relaxe. Spend a few minutes each day to hug your dog emotionally and then go to bed.



Hope you will be successful and you dogs are always happy and busy with  those ways

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