10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way!

Are you tired when you train your dogs go to the toilet. Especailly people who  are new to have a dog.

Training or teaching a dog go to the toilet accurately is quite simple as long as you take time to help them recognize the right habits and bad habits that should be stopped.

In the beginning,if you need to train your dogs go to the toilet, you also need to have your own habit around your puppy. Cause you will help them to change their habits

10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way
10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way

And Here are the effective ways to train them when they are small.

  1. Your dogs need to urinate after waking up so you need to take them to the right place immediately. When they do in the right place, let’s praise and reward them ( alittle food)
  2. When your dogs are full. the digestive system is stimulated.The dogs often urinate within 15 minutes and go to the toilet within 30 minutes after eating( changing with some dogs but not many)
  3. Dogs keep control of going to the toilet not well and urinate at least every 2 hours.

    They can urinate naturally if exciting. So you need often pay attention them. When they have signs of going to the toilet you need to hold them to the right place(praise when they do the right way). If they go to the toilet wrongly, scold them alittle bit immediately,they will know they are wrong( scold and point to the wrong place then hold to the right place). Do not scold them if you do not see what happened, so they will know their mistakes.

10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way
10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way
  1. You should note the timetable of time and habit they go to the toilet when you want to train them do in the right place. You also feed them in the timetable( Do not put the food and water available to make them incontrollably eat.
  2.  Repeating many times will help your dogs have themselves habit, know what is wrong or right. As metioned, dogs  keep control on going to toilet badly( the smaller dog is, the worse they can control). So you need to be persistent. You do not want to worry about them anymore when they are bigger and have their habits.
10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way
10 tips to train dogs go to toilet in the right way

The most common mistakes that you often make when teaching the dog go to toilet:

  1. Give your dog milk.
  2. Give the dog an unsuitable diet or a variety of unreasonable foods.
  3. Do not let the dog eat at the specified time, you often make this error, when they finish eating you need to store food and water away.
  4. Punish your dog when they go to the toilet indoor and you did not see that.

    When you see, just scold and bring them to the toilet. (Absolutely no punish or scold too much that will make them afraid of going to the toilet). Clean the dirty with chemicals.

  1. Give dogs salty food, which is not good for dogs and also makes your dog drink more water.

     6. This is not realistic to expect your dog to know where to go to the toilet .At first you need to take them go to the toilet at a       specified time.

  1. Keep your puppy free to play in the sanitary area, the garden until they finish. This is completely wrong because they think it is an playing park, a discovery paradise, not a toilet.
  2. Do not keep an eye on your dog for too long. Surely your puppy is not able not to urinate for a long time( especailly the small one)
  3. Have your dogs welcome you when you come back home. Puppies control to go to the toilets badly. They will urinate when they are very exciting, so take your dog out firstly and then have fun.
  4. Do not take your dog to the toilet before going to bed, put them in a cage or the yard to avoid going to the toilet indoor.

The most effective way is teaching the dogs go to the toilet when walking with you. It is good for your health and the dog to walking daily. You should get up early, do exercises and walk with them because they can not go the the toilet overnight, especially with puppies. If you dog go to the toilet in the right place, you should praise and reward them. The sign of a dog going to the toilet is running and sniffing around, then you should take the dog to the nearest place to solve, if unfortunately they go to the toilet on the road, you should clean the dirty and throw to the nearest suitable place.

It is simple but patient to train your dogs, especially for puppies. You should maintain your habits to change their bad habits. By doing so, it will be sure your dog will be aware of the right toilet next time

Good luck !

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