How to choose the best clothes for cats and dogs ?

How to choose clothes for cats and dogs

Choosing beautiful clothes for your pets is one of the ways to express your love for them. You’ll find plenty of pet clothing with a variety of styles, colors and materials on the online websites or pet dogs

In the past, clothing and accessories for cats and dogs were very simple. Today, the fashion market for “pet” has appeared a lot of clothing styles with a variety of colors and material. However, when choosing pet clothing, do not be too concerned about it, just focus on factors such as material, style and size … to be able to choose the most suitable for your pet.

Select the cat dog clothes with

Choosing clothes for pet should be based on the characteristics of pets and the weather.

Clothes in winter for dogs and cats

Cold days in the winter or the end of the year, it’s not hard to see the dogs or cats in colorful, warm clothes walking on the street or outside the park. As a pet, but in the cold season, clothes for pet is plenty and fashionable.

Cat and Dogs have  already a thick coat to keep warm, but the weather is too cold, some cats and dogs will move lazily, walking slowly. Their tails is down and their back is curved. That means your pets are affected by weather.Even worse, they can have a cold and fever. So you need choose not only lovely but also warm clothes to avoid some diseases such as cold, colds, pneumonia, cystitis. These are common in pets in cold weather.

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The most important of choosing clothes for pets is  fabric that is good for cold weather, such as thin wool, felt fabric, cotton or acrylic fabrics. They will be easy to clean. You do not need to choose too thick wool because this material is easily frayed and can cause animal itching, in addition it takes also long time to dry when washing.

Colthes in summer for dogs and cats

In the summer, clothes in felt or wool fabric are definitely not suitable, so choosing the thin and cool clothes, even the sleeveless shirt is also good.

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Some experienced people often buy clothes based on their pet’ personality, not their own preferences. This is also a suggestion. A naughty dog often like colorful clothes, funny patterns. An active puppies often likes pit jackets or shirts with special slogan.

Some notes to buy pet supplies.

There are some notes when buying clothing for cát and dogs that you should know to make them comfortable to wear.

Do not force dogs or cats to wear clothes

Not all pets want to wear clothes that bring benefits such as keeping the body warm, looking beautiful, … but if they do not want to wear, you should not be forced to do anything.

Sometimes, if you deliberately force them to wear clothes, many pets will be afraid, angry and even attack you. You should not force any dogs ​​to wear clothes, especially timid, shy or excited dogs.

Even if the cats or dogs are interested or ignore in dressing, you should also let them familiarize with the item before wearing it. Besides, do not forget to reward them if they obediently dress.

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Choose the fitted clothes.

It is discomfortable for pets and people to wear too big or small clothes. Too big clothes can make your dogs fall. And too small clothes make them diffcult to breathe, run and play. Therefore, you should choose the comfortable, easy to move, easy to wear and take off. Choose a dress that is not long enough to land, do not make them to be trapped when moving.

Refer how to choose the size clothes  of dogs below:

Dogs have a lot of breeds, from large breeds such as Tibetan Mastiff, Rottweiler or other small species such as Chihuahua, Fox, … so choosing size clothes for dogs is also a problem.

There are alot of style and colorful clothes for dogs and there are also alot of size based on their weight. hope that can help you choose new clothes for your dogs easily. Styles, designs and material are lovely and fitted will make your dogs happy, beautiful.

You need a string or soft tape to measure the size. To choose the right size pet clothes, people usually base on three criteria: neck – chest – back length.

When you buy clothes for dogs and cats, you will see two popular sizes, one is in digital format: 1-2-3-4-5, or other size: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL. In fact, they are similar about the size, so you do not have to worry about converting. Size 1 is equivalent to XS, 2 is equivalent to S, … but we also need to measure and check accurately as each manufacturer will be able to specify their own size when sewing.


Should all dogs dress?

There are dogs that need to be dressed, but there are large breeds of dogs that come from cold areas such as Husky, Alaska, or Swiss.You do not need to buy a sweater or jacket for them because they own a warm coat, their best dress, even if it’s cold. But for small, lightweight dogs with short fur such as Chihuahua, Fox dogs … when the cold season comes, you should wear a warm sweater or jacket, especially when they go out.

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The benefits of dressing for cats and dogs.

In the past, there were a lot of people to claim about buying clothes for dogs and cats, but in fact, for pet lovers, it is an act of showing their care to pets, increase their spiritual life.

Clothing for dogs and cats is primarily intended to: protect, keep warm and beautify.

Of course, protecting and keeping warm is important, but many owners also care about the beauty of the dogs

To protect the body

For police dogs, while doing their duties, especially searching and rescueing, they are often equipped with protective gear such as dog jackets, shoes, etc. They can even be worn the swimsuit to avoid drowning; Or sunglasses to protect eyes from debris, ultraviolet rays and improve visibility better.

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What do you think if the dog goes out in the rain without a raincoat? Will it be foul and cold?

To keep warm

Although the dog has a coat outside, some dogs may have a cold due to the thin coat and small body, so a sweater, shoes and a hat are necessary for them.

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Your dog’s ability to be good with cold weather also depends on species, size, coat and age.

To be stylish

You will probably feel jealous if your dog looks not as chubby as other people’s, or you will find your puppies look stylish in the groom’s outfit, Santa Claus … and that’s one of the reasons we shop for cats and dogs.

Unique fashions are great ideas that the owner always wants to bring to his pets; And surely your dogs – the cats will feel proud to be treated as the owner’s best friend.



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