How to choise the best bed for your dogs?

Most people are shocked by the fact that dogs sleep 12 hours one day averagely, and even some can sleep up to 18 hours one day. But they do not sleep during that long time.The dogs often wake up, then turn to sleep again.
The amount of sleeping time depends on the type of dog: the dogs doing duty are less sleep than the dog at home, and older dogs tend to sleep more than the smaller dogs. You should create a comfortable environment to make your dogs sleep well, and of course one comfortable dog bed is necessary.

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1. Understand the characteristics of bed types:
When you understand the dog’s sleeping style, it is easier to select the best bedding for your pet. There are several available types of dog beds in the market, but the most common are the following :

Bolster Bed and Donut Bed:

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They are circular or oval, the mattress is soft and with a higher part on the back, this bed is perfectly suited for dogs that like to lean on something to feel secure , or like to fall asleep on the pillow, or like to lying curly

Orthopedic Beds:

This type of bed is orthopedic support, suitable for older dogs, or suffering from joint pain. An orthopedic mattress is also a good option for too thin dogs because the bed supports additional pads to soothe the pain while lying down.

Pillow or mattress bed:

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This is a simple bed designed to be a big pillow or a mini bed. The style of this bed is varied in all sizes, and is a great choice for puppies to lie on, or stretch their shoulders.

Heated bed for dogs:

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A heated bed will surely satisfy old dogs; reduce the risk for dogs with joint pain; and heat puppies if too cold. In addition, heated beds are ideal for dogs living in cold climates, especially when they are outdoors.


The dogs that like to relax outdoors, you should probably buy a hammock bed for your pets. The hammocks can lift the dog from the hot summer ground, and avoid the cold ground when winter comes. Many hammock beds are made from waterproof fabric, which is very convenient for cleaning. In addition, the sturdy frame is well suited for large dogs.

2. How to choose the best bed for your dogs:

Firstly, find out your pet’s sleeping preferences. You should rely on the following questions to find out the habit of their sleeping :
• Do they like to lie down with a nice smooth soft blanket, and spin a few times before lying down? If so, your dogs may prefer to lie in a soft, soft mattress.
• Do they like to blow themselves out when sleeping? If they do, the rectangular bed is ideal as it has plenty of space to allow the dogs to comfortably bend over the bed.
• What style of furniture do your dogs prefer? – If it’s your bed or your favorite couch, find out the surface of this place is soft or hard because not at all of dogs like soft bed.

Secondly: choose a bed with changeable, washable cover.
It is best way to buy a cover for your dog’s bed, as you wash one, you will have other cover instead. Covers of bed should be washed regularly (weekly), especially during the season of growing vermin. You should also pay attention to the beauty of the bed: If you are planning to put a dog bed in the living room, you should choose the type of cover that suits the furniture in that room.

Thirdly: Consider the age, health, behavior of your dogs
For puppies and dogs like chewing , you should never leave them alone on a bed, or with feather blanket because they will chew feather fabric and may obstruct the intestinal tract. Older dogs need more support for their bones, so orthopedic beds, or a warm bed, will be the right choice. Large breeds and short-necked dogs often have to regulate their body temperature during hot weather, so you can buy a dog bed equipped with coolers on hot summer days.

Fourth: consider when you would use that bed? Where?
Many people bring their pet when they go on a picnic, or if they want to put their bed in the yard, they often consider if the bed can put in a bucket to carry, be waterproof, use indoors or outdoors.

You can choose the type of bed made of organic fiber and recycled materials to protect the environment around us.

Finally, your finance is above all.
You should first determine the budget you need to pay for the dog bed. As one would say, “you get what you pay for”, You should choose a good quality bed, although the price is a bit high, but the bed is more durable and sturdy than other beds. If you can not afford a perfect bed, you can create your own bed for free.

What if your dog does not like the bed you choose?
You have chosen for your dog an ideal bed, but it still does not lie on it. What should you do now?
Here is a simple plan to training them that you can refer to:
1. Make your dog pay attention to the bed.
2. Call the dog toward the bed.
3. Let the dog sniff the bed.
4. Ask your dog put one leg, two legs, and all four legs to bed.
5. Make the dog sit down on the bed for a while
6. Make the dog lie on the bed
If your dogs do these well that proves your dogs are familiar with the bed. Do not forget to reward if they do well.

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