How to clip your dog’s toenail at home

If your dog really does not like cutting his nails and he is scary, then you should let the groomers do the nail cutting. This will be easier if you regularly cut your dog’s nails as they are puppies.


Reason for clipping dog nails

Even if your dogs feel uncomfortable, their nails will still grow and will hurt them. And Particularly they will affect the health of the dog.
• Too long nail will curl and hit the sole, resulting in bleeding and infection
• Long nails also affect their normal gait, leading to deformed sole, spreading fingers, broken nails, bleeding and discomfort, legs and hips will be affected cause they are unable to walk normally.
Long toe nail will interfere with the function of the foot pads. In the long time, it will affect the bones and ligament.

We should cut their nails short enough not to cut the the blood vessels. Do not cut nails too short, as they often need nails to create resistance and grip. For most dogs, the front nail will grow longer than the rear nail because the dog tends to “eject” from behind. You can cut or grind the nails every two weeks and keep them short enough, but if you like to care them you can also sharpen or cut them every week.

Nail Clipper/ Trimmer/ Cutting Tool
There are many kind of Nail clipper/ trimmer/ cutting tool for your dogs. But you should choose some one durable and sharp enough. Example as:

Practical Pet Clippers Trimmer Scissors Grooming for Nail Pet Dog.jpg
Pet Dog Clippers Trimmer


Dog Cat Puppy Pet Grooming Scissors Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Animal Nail Scissor Nail Cutter.jpg
Dog Cat Puppy Pet Grooming Scissors

How to cut their nails

  • It’s important that you get yourself a good trimmer. A sturdy trimmer that is easy to learn with and become adjusted to. Once you’re comfortable with the trimmer, place the main part of the tool in the palm of your hand while controlling the moveable part with your fingers. You should be able to see the small cutting blade that slides when you squeeze the handle.

  • The nail should be cut from underneath, not from the top downward in the way human nails are trimmed. Slide the opening over the end of the nail while staying in the whitish part of the nail. The pink area of the nail is the live part and has blood vessels throughout – called the quick.

  • To cut the nail, be decisive and make a smooth, quick squeeze on the handle while
    holding the trimmer steady. Make sure you do not clip the live pink part of the nail. And don’t try to “pop” the end of the nail off; it will fall away on its own.

  • This nail has been cut about as far back as is possible without causing some bleeding. You can file the edges or just let the dog wear the nail smooth. Some people will cut the nail back until there is a slight amount of bleeding in an attempt to shorten the nail back further. Not a bad idea to keep some clotting powder on hand in case you do accidentally cut too short


What To Do If You Cut Too Short!!
Place a tiny piece of tissue paper tightly against the end of the nail and hold it for a few
minutes.  Better yet, have some clotting powder available and put a small amount up
against the bleeding end of the nail. Or simply cup your hand, pour the solution or
powder into the hollow, and dip your dog’s bleeding nail into the powder. This should
work right away. Or … do nothing. The bleeding will stop in about 5 to 7 minutes. Any
more than that, give your veterinarian a call.

Hope you will clip your dog’s nail comfortablely. If you need more Trimmer Nail for your Dogs. Please visit our website to learn more products for your dogs.

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