7 basic traning methods for your lovely dogs

Basic training for dogs is very important to have high discipline, limit wild behavior, train
dogs for physical strength, muscle growth, flexibility, flexibility, bravery, durability. Traning
your dogs enhances the intimate relationship between the owner and the dog. Initial
training requires a “discipline” chain to wear on a dog collar, which makes the dog learn faster. Before starting to teach the dogs, you should also pay attention to the necessary. Following

1. Love your dogs.
Treat your dogs as friends, call their name, touch and play with them happily. That will help the owner and your dogs match to train.

2. Be patient
This is very important, dog owners do not lose the control, abuse, frighten to make them
not understand training

3. Make a request
Command must be short, neat, clear, resolute, powerful to force the dog to follow, not be
ignore to create discipline. Have a break (minimum of 30 seconds) between the order to
keep the dog listen and do

4. Time to learn
About 10 to 15 minutes in the morning or in the afternoon. Twice for one day. Teach them in the silent place, avoid the noise to focus.

5. Dog habit
Each dog has different training methods. If the dog is gentle and shy, we stroke,
encourage. If the dog is stubborn, then we must forc them hardly dog to study.

6. Lifetime
6-12 month dogs are the easiest to teach. Other ages can teach but the level of understanding is slower.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho dog family


I. Teach them sit down

1. Sit down when they are standing.

Option 1:
Standing in front of the dog, raise the food just above the nose and slowly move the hand
up to the top of the head, between the ears. Dogs will sit down to the ground. As soon as
the dog sits down, ask the dog sit and reward it.

Option 2:
Let the dog stand next to you. Then pull up the chain neck, while the other hand push the
butt down and shout “sit”, then reward the dog.


Repeatedly about 10 – 15 times.

2. Sit down when they are lying

Option 1: when the dog is lying, we stand in front of it, hold food close to it’s nose.
Move the food upwards, so that the dog will follow the food.
At that time they sit, shout “sit” and reward the dog.

Option 2: when the dog is lying, we hold the buttocks with one hand, then pull the dog
chain to sit up.
As soon as the puppy sitd down, reward the dog.

Repeat about 10-15 times and then let the dog rest.

II. Teach them to stand up

Option 1: When the dog is sitting.
– Bring food to par with dogs.
– Step back, pull the food, the dog will refill the nose and turn into standing posture.
As soon as the dog stands up, shout “stand up” and reward the dog.

Option 2
– When the dog is sitting, lying, you put your hand through the belly and push lightly, the other hand pull the chain forward.
– At this time the dog will stand up, shout “stand up” and reward the dog.



Make about 10-15 times and then let the dog rest.

III. Teach them to lie down

Option 1: Hold food in front of the dog, slowly lowering your hands to the ground. Naughty nose will move and lie down.
When the dog is lying down, shout " lying" and reward the dog.

Option 2: Place your hands between two shoulder blades and the buttocks, slightly press
the dog down.
When the dog lies down,shout "lying" and reward the dog.
Make 10 to 15 times then let dog rest.

IV. Ask them come here

Option 1: You are far away from your dog, hold some food and call your dog, the dog will
run to you.
Then say “come here” and reward the dog.

Option 2: You are far from the dog, lightly pull the leash toward you and call his name,
encourage the dog to run to your side.
As soon as the dog runs, shout “come here” and reward the dog.


V. Train your dog “stop”

Standing up or sitting down command will help you control your dog when you are out.
To teach your dog as following:
After your dog sits or stands, instead of rewarding immediately, you wait about 3-4 seconds and then reward the dog.
Make the time longer then shout “stop” Repeat and let them rest.


VI. Shake hand request

You just need to train them 5′. Repeat everyday.
You sit down, put the food in the tray. The dog will sit infront of you and look to the tray.
– Make sitting order. When they sit, shout “sit down”
– Shout “shake hand”. You hold the right leg of the dog and reward it with other hand
– Repeat this about 10 times.


VII. Pretend to die

– Put the dog lie in front of you
– Hold the food in front of his nose, then move the food near his neck. The his nose follow
the food. The head is back. Cause of losing balance, the dog will fall
– When it falls, reward it
– Repeat and shout the command as well( such as :Pang, Die..)

Training dogs is not difficutl. Be patient! Your dogs are greater than you think.

Hope you will be successful. Let’s visit our “Training & Obedience for dogs”  products to learn more!

Petstore4dog.com thanks you alot! See you later!

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