Oh my god, my dogs have a cold!

Like people, dogs have also cold easily cause of weather changing, unusual rain and sunshine, especially when the season changes . Such as the winter comes..

Puppies can not speak when when they are sick, they can not tell you that they are not healthy or hurted like humans. When the disease are new, it is often difficult to know, so you should observe and monitor the unusual action of the dogs to take measures in time and avoid more time to treat.


Reason of having a cold

– Your dogs sleep on the yard, the porch, stair …

– Take a bath with cold water, do not be dried

– Play outside alot in bad weather

-Small dogs are easier to get sick than big one

Basic Signs of having cold, flu of dogs

  • The body is trembling, always sluggish, sadness, dull face, tired eyes looking in distance, no longer happyas usual.
  • Dogs have runny or stuffy nose , cough.
  • The sick dog usually lies in one place, less active than normal and sleeps a lot.
  • Change in eating habits and the most characteristic symptoms are loss of appetite or poor appetite
  • Sick dogs have mucous membranes and mouth, vomiting, diarrhea sometimes in color, lower body temperature
  • When you concern, stroke, call it . it does seem not to care you, not be happy and respond as positively as possible, it may have a health problem and should be taken promptly to the vet, the nearest clinic for medical examination and treatment.
  • Observe the appearance if they have the following signs: ears down, hair less shiny, smudge, there are areas of hair standing …
  • If the condition persists, the dog will die.




Measures to prevent having cold, flu for dogs

Do not let  the dog sleep under the cold floor.

Put the dog lying in a warm place, avoid the wind, have bed dogs, plankets  to keep warm.

If dogs should take a bath warmly inside in the cold season. After that, they should be dried hair, avoid get flu.

Make Dogs eat well, ensure nutrition, have good health, increase the body’s resistance to disease.

Especially, in addition to rabies vaccination, intestinal inflammation, gastritis, … vaccination against periodic flu in dogs is indispensable to feed them.

In addition, it is neccessary  to give a dog a warm coat, jacket. raincoat, sweater … to protect the dog in cold or rainy weather, especially when the dogs are walking or going out.


Methods when a dog has a cold

Keep warm. Put them in a warm place.

Drink warm sugar or lukewarm water.


Have your dog go to a vet, or buy medicine at a pet cat or dog pharmacy for prompt treatment

It is not difficult to recognize the signs of illness or colds. Therefore, keep your dog healthy and long-lasting, you always keep an eye for them, observe their behavior  daily for prevention and treatment, care for sick dogs timely and safely.

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See you next time!

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