Causes and treatment of anorexia in dogs – Just like humans, there are many reasons why your dogs do not care about food. Determining the cause of their eating disorders will help the owner solve this problem more easily.



Causes of anorexia in dogs

If your dog skips meals, you may consider the following:

Move or stay in a strange environment: If your dog still eats normally until you bring him or her to travel, or if you move to a strange place, you should consider this. This combination. They may be affected by a trip (due to motion sickness) or an unfamiliar environment and do not want to eat anything.


Fetish eating or behavioral problems: Some dogs are simply picky eaters – this is a personality, just like us. However, the owner should thoroughly investigate his dogs whether they eat little cause of fetish eating or not, do not rush to make conclusions to avoid not thoroughly resolving the picky pet.


Vaccines: With the current medical development, more and more vaccines are available to help prevent serious and contagious diseases in livestock. There is no dount the immense benefits of vaccines that help save millions of lives for animals and help people reassure more. However, anything has its duality. And the shortcomings of vaccines are that our puppies are clearly reducing their appetite for a few days after vaccination.


Disease: The sudden drop in appetite, not wanting to eat in dogs, may be due to their being sick, especially when anorexia accompanies other fatigue symptoms. In this case, the owner does not need to worry too much because the dog will restore the taste after the disease has recovered. However, that does not mean that you are completely safe and so leave your pet, pay attention to observe and monitor their situation as this is probably the first sign of serious illnesses. Other such as cancer, systemic infection, dental disease, liver and kidney …


Treatment of anorexia

Depending on the cause of picky eat, we will have different treatments. Often, the owner should ask advices from a veterinarian for the most appropriate method to solve this problem.

If your pet dog is sick, the veterinarian will advise you on a proper diet and remedies to make sure your pet can heal and recover as quickly as possible. Note that pets may not want to eat in this situation, but you should not make them hunger and force   them to eat in the designated mode. This only affects badly dog health. If the situation is too severed, the veterinarian will apply liquid food or nutritional supplements if necessary.

Remember, “prevention is better than cure”, it is best to start when you just have a pet. So the owner should have a daily calorie / diet schedule for him or her, . This will help the owner less hard work later. If the dogs do not eat alot due to choosy or other behavioral problems, the owner may adopt the following ways to encourage pets to eat more:

  • Feed your dogs on schedule, usually twice a day
  • Reduce the amount of food
  • Make your dog’s meal more fun, for example, just eat and play, reward your dog after winning …
  • Take your dog for a walk before eating
  • Change your dog’s eating habits. Assuming you feed this dog with other pets, try feeding your dog alone. Another way to do is to change the bowls … and try placing them at a different place to see how your pet likes it.
  • Try different foods to see what your pet’s appetite is. Be sure to check for any food problems (taste / expiration / pets allergic to food or not …) before feeding dogs

Hope you dogs will always have good meal. Happy dogs, happy people.

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