The Best professional dog grooming clippers

There are so many dog clippers on the market and people usually don’t know which one is the best grooming clippers.

To save time, you can buy the most expensive dog clippers, but we don’t suggest you to do this. You need to consider

  • How many dogs you need to groom, for family grooming or it’s your job.
  • Do you have any other pets like cat and horse need to groom as well? Do you want to share the same dog grooming clippers or buy individual clippers for them.
  • Is you dog sensitive to noise? If so you need to buy a quiet dog clipper.
  • What’s the breeds of you dog? Small, medium or big one. How about their coat? This depends on what kind of dog clippers you need to buy.

Can I use a human hair clipper on a dog?

It is not advisable to use human clippers for trimming dog’s hair, because the blade teeth are usually arranged closer to one another, as opposed to dog clippers. This may result in the jamming of the tool, causing some form of discomfort to your pet. Especially in thickly coated dog breeds.

Human clippers lack the speed to pas through the majority of the very thick hair. Therefore, human clippers are only meant to cut down lighter hair, as opposed to the heavier hair in most hairy dogs.

For dogs, it is wisest to use the specially designed dog clippers, because these tools are made of heavier metal, and are relatively sharper than ordinary human clippers. It is because of this fact, that dog clippers have become more expensive than the clippers that people actually use for grooming.

  • Human hair clippers are traditionally used for humans and are commonly seen at the barbershops, whereas, dog clippers are obviously built or made for usage on dogs, and are often seen in dog or pet parlor shops.
  • Generally, human hair clippers are cheaper compared to dog clippers.
  • Dog clippers are said to be sharper, and more powerful than human hair clippers.

Best dog clipper brands

Low price dog clippers always mean low quality and performance, and some of them would even hurt you dog because of bad design. If you just done half on your grooming job and your dog clippers doesn’t work any more, how will you feel?

Andis, Walh an Oster are the top 3 dog clipper brands. All of them have long history and focus on pet grooming industry for many years. All of them have big fans and can do awesome job. Which one is best? Every one has his own answer I think. I rank there are top 3 for below reasons.

Dog Hair Trimmer Andis

  • Good performance,  for any clipper performance is the first concern, all of them did a amazing job and high customer satisfactions.
  • Light design, very light, it would take long time to groom your dog, especially for the one who need to groom many dogs a day, a heavy dog clipper would be a disaster.
  • Multiple SPM(stroke per minutes) to choose, this is real useful for most people, high speed mean high performance,and fast progress, but the blade will heat quickly, although they have cooling technology, but it can also ease bot not fix. Any different dogs , different part of a dog may need different speed settings.
  • Quiet design, some dog may very sensitive to noise, you can hardly do your job if he doesn’t coordinate with you. And it will hurt your dog if grooming with rumble. All of them did a good job on this.
  • Long history on dog grooming clippers industry and have many good models to pick up.

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