Do you speak dog? Free poster!

Do you speak dog? Dogs communicate using body language more than they do vocally, says the informative poster “Talking Dog” from world-famous canine behavior specialist Jez Rose. While you can learn a lot from reading about dog behavior, there’s nothing like a clear visual guide to help further your understanding of what your dog is telling you with their face, ears, body and tail. Jez Rose has made a wonderful free poster available that does just that. You can download this printable “Talking Dog” poster from Jez Rose right here: Jez Rose Talking Dog Poster PDF.  It is illustrated so easy to comprehend for both children and adults to learn to identify the signs of a dog that it is not good to approach (fearful, anxious, stressed) and signs of a dog that is not an immediate thread (content, happy, social). Good communication is such an important part of any relationship, including the ones between people and dogs. Being able to better understand our canine friends helps minimize conflicts that could lead to a pet loosing their home, and can help you as a pet owner enjoy many conversations, instead of frustrations!

The Jez Rose website has a whole section of free training resources available here and we really appreciate their allowing to feature their poster downloads to help adopted pets!

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