Smiling Dogs: Kai

Dog’s Name: Kai, 7 years old.

How did you name Kai? 
At the shelter his name was Scrappy, which doesn’t fit him at all. So he was renamed¬†Yokai “Kai” after supernatural beings in Japanese folklore.

What is Kai’s adoption story?
I was looking to get a dog from the shelter who was well past the puppy stage but young enough to make it through school with me. Kai was the dog of the month at the Animal Protection League. He had been there for four months because he was heartworm positive. I was drawn to him because of his calm demeanor and the shelter had great things to say about him. A kind stranger donated to cover the cost of his treatment and I knew I would be able to handle the getting him through it, so he was a natural pick!

Kai is an incredibly loyal dog and it often seems like he knows he was given a second chance. He is always eager to please and learns any trick or task that come his way. Kai even passed the Therapy Dogs International test and has made a few visits to the women and children’s shelter so far.

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