Smiling Dogs: Hank & Zeus

Dog’s name: Hank & Zeus

How did you name your dogs?

Both of these boys were rescues and we decided to keep their names as they fit them so well. Hank is a Cattle Dog and Zeus is full of lightning and thunder.

Tell us the story of how you adopted your dogs?

Zeus was rescued just after losing one of our seniors. Zeus was skin and bones with no fur. His ears were three sizes too big at just 12 weeks. We rescued Hank at two years old after he spent time in at least four homes (that we know of) and unfortunately was exposed to many terrible things. It was instant love and the two have been inseparable ever since.

What makes your dogs smile?

Hank loves his granddad more than anything else. He and his grandad like to sneak junk food when they think Mom doesn’t know.

Zeus loves chasing a ball and playing in water but he is a mama’s boy through and through. He and his mom enjoy a good afternoon nap. Zeus acts like a lap dog even at 65 pounds.

Both are highly food motivated, love chasing birds, and rolling around in the grass.

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